When you are selecting a brokerage firm to guide and counsel you in the purchase or sale of a residence, the keys to success are the personal and professional qualities of the individual agent who will be working with you. All JBRE agents are trained and well versed in Tewksbury and the Merrimack Valley. As a real estate advisor we always keep a pulse on the market to help better serve our clients.

 J. Borstell Real Estates’ exceptional agents dominate the market for first-time homebuyers, condominiums, single-family and investment properties. They know the Merrimack Valley intimately, closely match their clients’ needs and flawlessly represent our company’s culture of professionalism.

Jeffrey Borstell - Vertical.jpg

Jeffrey Borstell

Broker | Owner | Realtor®

Cell: 978-502-8045 | Email | Testimonials

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James Williamson

Real Estate Advisor | Realtor®

Cell: 978-501-2594 | Email | Testimonials

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Kerri Tyndall

Transaction Coordinator

Cell: 978-375-9638 | Email

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G. ‘Jeff’ Borstell

Founder | Associate Broker | Realtor®

Cell: 978-502-7315 | Email

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Patrick Hermans

Real Estate Advisor | Realtor®

Cell: 254-383-5521 | Email



Pup-Lick Relations

He’s cute, we know. :)

Kelsey Borstell - Vertical.jpg

Kelsey Borstell

Executive Manager

Cell: 978-807-7811 | Email


Jonathan Dean

Real Estate Advisor | Realtor®

Cell: 781-307-2712 | Email | Testimonials

Brooke Borstell - Horizontal.jpg

Brooke Borstell

Real Estate Advisor | Realtor®

Cell: 978-886-1086 | Email | Testimonials


Diane Dean

Real Estate Advisor | Realtor®

Cell: 781-307-8686 | Email

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Here is some friendly insight from our team of superstars:

Jeffrey’s number 1 concern at this stage of his career is the success of his agents. Jeffrey has learned a great deal about the industry through his father and personal experiences. He can’t wait to share his knowledge with you!

Work hard, listen to your clients’ needs and success will follow! At J. Borstell Real Estate we work together to ensure the best results for our clients. It’s all about determination and teamwork.
— brooke borstell

Every client has a different story- some are buying or selling for positive reasons but for some it may be bittersweet. Keep this in mind and always treat each client as if they are the only one you are working with. Be respectful, listen and go the extra mile.
Be willing to put in the work and take advantage of all the learning opportunities that come from working in the J. Borstell Real Estate offices.
— Patrick Hermans
When you are genuinely passionate about what you do, it translates in the work you put forth.
— kelsey borstell

Buckle up and enjoy the ride
— james williamson