Lic. MA

Jonathan Dean

Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®

Early on Jonathan knew he wanted to establish a career in helping people. Initially he studied nursing which lead him to Radiation Oncology treating cancer patients, which Jonathan still does today. His degree in Master of Business and entrepreneurial mindset combined with his passion for helping others landed him a career as a REALTOR®. Jonathan excels by helping his clients build income through real estate, find their starter home, dream home or investment. He sees every sale or purchase as a learning experience for his client and is motivated to making sure they thoroughly understand the process.

Jonathan grew up on the North Shore of Boston and now is settling his growing family in Andover, Massachusetts. When Jonathan isn’t working with his real estate clients he’s assisting care for cancer patients. He enjoys spending time with his family, vacationing and going on adventures with his wife. Next time you see him ask him about the time he scuba dove a ship wreck at 125ft.!